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Passing Parameters from page to URL mashup

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We have currently enabled Sales Quote Functionality with External Pricing. From Sales Quote page, we want to call an URL through URL mashup functionality. We want to pass soldto, product and sales org to the URL mashup. We went through all the categories and port binding but we couldn't find any one with inport parameters that can pass soldto, product(array?) and sales org.

Could you please let us know which category/inport binding we need to use to get all the above values so that we can pass the same to the URL mashup. Since the Sales Quote has all these values, shouldn't we be able to pass on those values to any mashups?

From Products overview page as well, we added an URL Mashup with Product number as parameter. This is also not working.


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Ravi,

If a standard Outport is not able to give you the parameters desired, you could pass them using Embedded Components wherein you get the control of the Outport in your hand..

Please refer to y blogs on this:

Kind Regards


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Hi Vinita

I'd forgotten about those blogs you wrote - they are AWESOME!   Thanks!

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