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Party field empty, no ID mapping for integration

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Hello experts,

I have encountered a problem while integrating ECC with C4C using PI. The Sales Orders are arriving into C4C via PI but since the Party field lacks value - I believe that no ID Mapping for integration is picked up and all messages end up with application error since the Customer IDs cannot be mapped (see below):

I have checked the Payload and LocalSystemId is present in it.

Do you know what might be the reason of the Party field being empty?

I have tried to re-activate the Communication Arrangement but to no success.

Any feedback is very welcome.

Kind regards,


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Answers (2)

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Hi Ilja,

Could you let me know if this issue still persists ? If so kindly send across the Payload details and ID mapping for the particular Party for which error is raised (if it exists).

Else request you to close this thread.



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Hello Lija,

Could you confirm the Id mapping for the ID in the error is for Customer no. or any other role?

Also, before you perform any Sales Order replication, do make sure in your C4C system if all the Partner functions/Party roles coming from SAP ECC are correctly mapped into C4C.

The Id mapping error would occur generally when either the Customer itself is not present in C4C or any of the Partner functions associated to that customer in SAP ECC is not replicated before the Sales Order is being replicated.

Check the above and hopefully you should find the cause of this issue.



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Hi Ilja,

Can you give the pay load data? do you mean in pay load party ID is empty ?