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Not able to download BUPA_MAIN from ECC to CRM

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Dear Experts,

We are creating BP in CRM and its replicating in ECC. In ECC end we are doing few modification on this BP. We need to download this BP from ECC to CRM. So i am trying to download the object BUPA_MAIN using R3AS. But in our CRM end outbound queues are got stucked with the below Queues R3AI_BUPA_MAIN . In ECC end MASS_CRM_BUPA* & R3AD_BUPA* Queues are got stucked. So we are not able to do Initial download.

Can anyone help this issue and how to do Initial Down load.

Thanks and Reg,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Mohana,

If you're creating the BP in CRM and modifying the same in ECC, why do you need an initial load then?

If you modify this BP in ECC, R3AD_BUPA* queues will be created in SMQ1 of ECC which will bring the data to CRM.

So there's no need of an explicit initial load for this purpose.

I'd suggest you remove the initial load queues and check if R3AD_* queues start getting picked up by the queue scheduler.



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