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Navigate to Opportunities from Sales Cloud Excel Report?

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Hello All,

I've got a question regarding reports in C4C. We would like to navigate into a specific Object (in my case into Opportunities) from a downloaded Excel Report generated by C4C.

The Scenario is, that the excel report is sent to for example managers or sales reps, which then want to navigate directly into the relevant opportunity without having to copy Opportunity ID and search for it in C4C. Is there a possibility to have a Hyperlink based on the Opportunity ID directly in the report when exporting to Excel?

Thanks in advance!

Best Regards


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Answers (1)

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Current Export to excel doesn't offer the capability, nevertheless, you can try creating an extension field of type URL and maintain the deep link URL of the corresponding TI

This will allow you to see click on the hyper link and if SSO is enabled for the user , then this will open as per your need