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multilevel categorization header/item level

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Hello everyone,

We are facing a problem, that I going to explain, We have a field in complaint header in CRM7.0 actually they are two fields (two levels) made by using multilevel categorization so they have a relationship.

And we want to have a fourth level in the item level of the complaint.

So our requirement is as follow:

1-level on the area of categorization in the header, it has several values.

2-Level on the area of categorization in the header, it also has several values and those values depend on the selection make on the first level.

3-Level on a column of the item, we would like to have this field as the item category but its values depend on the selection make on the second level ( the second level is on header).

We would like to carry on with the categorization but at item level.

Thank you in advance.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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So in the complaint at the header level - you have 2 levels of categorization based on the Subject Profile - Code, CodeGroup & Katalogart. This is standard.

Now based on the selection made at Header level of the complaint for these two levels of categorization, you want to have a field for Item Categories at the item grid (may be a dropdown list). So this has to be a custom field added to the context node of the item.

Generate the setter getter methods for this attribute that has been added to the context node. In the P* getter method make this as pick list. Then in the getter V* method - you have to get the internal table values for the pick list (key/value pair) based on the level1/2 categorization selected at the header level. For this the context node of the header for the categorization has to be accessed to get the values in the collection wrapper (may be you can use the Header-item relationship to get the values using getrelatedentity).

Hopefully - this gives you a direction.



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