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MSA: Restoring ides

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Dear Colleagues,

On one laptop, I have full working fuctionality of MSA. So I took the backup of this DB.

Now on second laptop, I resored this database. AFter that I generated all Bdcos and table scripts. Everything went well so far. I am able to login also in MSA.

But now when I try to save anythign, say new BP, it gives the error "Error while saving".

Have I miss anything?

PLease respond



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Milind,

You get this 'Error while saving' message when the siteid in the registry and the database is not identical.

You find the siteid in the registry at:


In the database it is stored in the tables SMOHSITEID and SMOHQTAB.

You can make them equal manually or de-assign the site in the middleware and assign the site again.

Best regards,

Boris Dingenouts

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Thanks Boris.....problem solved

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