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Modify Custom Code List value in SAP yMKT.

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Hi, Friends!

I have a table ZTC_STATUS in SAP CRM with some data. I this table I have only two fields: ID and Description.
On SAP yMKT I've created Custom Code List and I want to upload data from ZTC_STATUS to this Custom Code List.
Is it possible to replicate data from ZTC_STATUS to this Custom Code List?
If yes can anybody help with some advice or "step-by-step" guide.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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It would help if you are more specific on how currently the SAP CRM on premise is linked to your hybris Marketing and whether it is also on premise or Cloud.

  • if both are on premise, do CRM and yMKT 'share' the same HANA, just in different namespaces/schemas (co-deployment)?
    1. schema mapping is done in HANA studio
    2. There is no need to duplicate data. By doing the schema mapping in HANA, yMKT gets access to all relevant data in CRM. SAP_CUAN_CRM should be the schema name that you will need to map.
  • or do you use SAP Landscape Transformation (SLT) to replicate data from CRM to yMKT, both being hosted on different application servers? You will have to setup the table for replication. Look up the guide for SLT (e.g. hana slt config)
  • if ymkt is the cloud version, it depends on how the connection has been established (e.g. PI/PO, SAP Cloud Connector, SCPI, ...)

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