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Hi friends,

Can anybody tell me before mapping the objects what are the middleware settings to be done in crm.For example before uploading enhanced products form crm to r/3 what shall we do.i mean before intial download.please Explain me .


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Chandra sekhar,

Before starting the initial load first you have to make the connectivity between the CRM and R/3.

For making the connectivity both the systems are defined as logical systems and these logical systems are assigned to their respective clients.

RFC destinations and RFC users will be created for both the systems.

Typically all the above tasks have to be done by Basis consultants.

After the connectivity was established, there are some preliminary activities for replication like

- Registering the queues

- Setting up error handlers.

After performing all these task initial load has to be done.

For the better understanding of the process, go through the bestpractices provided by the SAP- C71,B09.C03, i am giving you the link below.

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