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Loyalty Management - Clarification

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Iam configuring Loyalty Management in the system and the Backend system is R/3 . And in Standard CRM there are 3 Order types for this loyalty Managment Say one for Buy Points , Redeem Points and Transfer Points . I did the configuration according to the Help document given by SAP . Now coming to the End user Process How exactly it work

Step 1 - I create Loyalty programme

Step II - Customer Enroll in to the program

Step III - What ever customer buys system will update the Loyalty Points in to the customer account

Step IV - Now once Loyalty points reach to some extent , customer want to buy a product or service with his points / Otherwise he transfer the points / or he Buy points . -

How exactly we have to do this in the system ??????

Can any one send the Customer process and Employee process for the Loyalty management (Like what customer will do and what employee do in the loyalty management)

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