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Looking for "does not contain" option in the Accounts Search

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I'm using CRM 7.0 and looking for a way to say "does not contain" and then type in a part of a company name as criteria in the Accounts search. Is there a special character or trick to make this work?

For example - if I want to filter out any corporation with 999 in the name1 field... then I'd like to use

Name1 contains (not equal)'999' or some other trick for filtering out a corporation with a certain value in the name.



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Answers (2)

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You need to redefine method get_dquery_definition of the IMPL class. In this method you will code for the operator "does not contain" for the search attribute.

You can check PRD01QR component for reference.



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Hi Kathleen,

The get_dquery_definitions method of the impl class contains a table rt_result.This table contains all possible search criteria along with their operators.Read this table with your search parameter( like account name or any other) and append value 'NP'( which will give you the "does not contain" operator on the webUI ) to the operators table using a variable of type crm_thtmlb_search_operator.