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Login box appears by working with emails

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Hello Experts,

we have a CRM System to use the Employee Interaction Center.

The Agents tell me about a problem, for that, I can't find a solution.

If they work with the System, they get a login box from time to time,

ussually after a break.

The text on the login screen is:

    The Server 'SAPCEP.XXXX.COM' to 'SAP Web Application Server [CEP]'

    need a Username and password.

It does not matter whether the Agent logs in and presses OK or presses directly the cancel Button.

The login box appears directly again and again ... .

The problem occurs most often when the agents attempting to write an email or to open an email.

This behavior is very distracting for the Agents. So I would be very happy if someone has an idea how to solve the problem.

In the Attachments you can find a Screenshot of the login box.

Thank you for your help in advance.

many Greetings

Martin Arnold

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Martin,

I think this is related to CMS integration.

Anyhow check below SAP notes if they might be useful





Also parallely open SAP support incident if not opened yet.



Moderator comment: This kind of problem usually is caused by configuration, instead of a bug. It is not proper to suggest to create an incident.

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Hello Shobhit,

I am going to examine the SAP notes.

The problem is that I can not specifically reproduce the error, so it's difficult to test.

I will consult with my colleagues.

I have opened an SAP incident.

I will write a Message, if I know the next steps.

Thank you for your response

With best regards

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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thank you for be so patient.

After we have voted us internally, the following adjustments were made.

1. 'rdisp/plugin_auto_logout' old 36000 new 10700 seconds

              (because parameter 'rdisp/gui_auto_logout'  is set to 10800)

2. Delete a Timeout from Service 'crm_bsp_frame'

3. Set parameter login/create_sso2_ticket = 2

4. implement SAP-Note 1613256

Now we will wait 3 weeks, to see what are the experience of our Users is.

(Because of holidays)

Then we will decide, wether more Task we have to do.

I will write our experience than.  

Meanwihle, thank you for your help.

Best Regards

Martin Arnold

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Hello there,

Many thanks for the help!

Unfortunately, the error still occurs.

Further, my agent repeatedly report that the application freezes. As a result, they must restart the PC.

Our Release is:



I know it is a bit old, but I can not change it.

Please let me know if you have an idea about the issue.

Thank you for your Help.



Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Ín most cases the root cause for such an issue is a incorrect configuration and not a bug which needs to be reported as an incident to SAP.

Check KBA Most probably this is no bug which needs to be reported to SAP by help of an incident. In most isThis seems to be a configuration issue - check KBA 1757252  How to analyse problems related to session loss or logoff in for important parameters.

Best Regards,

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Hello Sigrid,

Thank you for that Information.

I see, there are real a lot of possible reasons for this behavior.

Since Yesterday I'm checking the Notes and KBA's.

So please, be a bit patient with me. I think it will take a while.

I write as soon as I know something new.

Best Regards