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Item Category Determination

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Hi All,

Can someone throw light on this. If you can brief an example/scenario on CRM Service side.. would be excellant!!.

Many Thanks in Advance,

Regards, Sudeep..

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Sudeep,

Item category determination will used in transaction and it will determine the type of the item. Ex- Sales item, service item or lead item like this as per the transaction. When you enter a product in transaction the item category will automatically defined in transaction if you have customizaed earlier and the item also copy from 1 transaction to another transaction.

Ex- Lets you are creating transaction called Lead and the item category for the product is lead and when you create the transaction from lead to opportunity by copy control the item will changed to lead item to oppt item. You can do through SPRO-CRM-Transactions-Basic Settings-Copying Control for Business Transactions and Define Copying Control for Transaction Types as well as Define Copying Control for Item Categories.

The item category is usually determine that what type of products you are using in transaction. Like sales item service item, free goods, opportunity item etc.



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You define item category determination in the following steps:

1. spro>crm>transactions>basic settings>define item categories - here you define item categories, that you want to use and their setting like text, partner, organization determination, ATP, actions, pricing......

2. spro>crm>transactions>basic settings>define item categories determination - here you define, which item categories you want to use in different transaction types (opportunities, quotations, orders...) and how they are determined.

For example you can say that item category ZXX is used in transaction ZORD when the code has item category NORM (classification of material).

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