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Interaction Record Category - Outbound email

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Dear friends,

We're using CRM5 webclient. I have a small issue on it:

When we process an service ticket and an email is sent, is there any customizing way to change the interaction record category to email ? (INT)

We have front-office and back-office profiles with the same interaction record, and:

- When we identify the customer and create the interacion record (IR) and service ticket (ST), it assumes the default IR category TELEPHONE

- When we identify the customer by processing and email, and create the interacion record (IR) and service ticket (ST), it assumes the category EMAIL

- But when we process an existing service ticket, and send an email, the created IR assumes the default IR category TELEPHONE

Can anyone give some clues?

Thanks for any input!

Kind regards,

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear Bruno,

When you process a service ticket and send an outgoing e-mail, I suppose the interaction record has already been created, much before the system knows that you want to create - possibly among other things - an outgoing e-mail.

Either you confirmed a partner in BP search view, or you selected a ticket from inbox in interaction mode: both actions led to creation of the interaction record with default category. This category can be changed manually to e-mail in IR view, but this does not always make sense, as one can perform various actions during an interaction, including but not limited to sending outgoing e-mails.

If you click on e-mail link in navigation bar without having confirmed a business partner, I do not think system creates an interaction record at all; but you need to check this in your CRM version.

In any case, you could write a report that periodically postprocesses the IRs to which only outgoing e-mails are linked, and change programmatically category to EMAIL. This would require evaluation of activity clipboard by your report.

Hope this helps you

Kind regards


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Hi Walter,

Thanks for your reply and your time.

I was looking more to find a standard/customizing way to do this.

Doing a report would work, but it will be one more job running in the system, and we've already so much

I've an alternative that I share with you. If I process a service ticket, and then send an email, I can find and confirm that an interaction record is created, as soon I press the 'new email' button, or 'reply' button or 'reply to all' button'. So I can also by code, to find the newly created interaction record and change the corresponding category, by manipulating the BOL Model.

This supposing any interaction record created by this buttons, will be not a result of a telephony call, and it will always be an oubound email contact.

But just like an email that is processed by inbox, the interaction record category is automatically set to 'INT' (email), I was hoping that a same behavior would exist when processing a service ticket.

Thanks one more time.

Kind regards,


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