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Identifying transaction partner change in action

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Hello all ,

We need actions of transactions to start after change in specific partner

(we need an alert smart form to be triggered).

how can we customize an action condition that identifies a specific partner change in transaction ?

(IE. employee responsible change).

Maybe someone knows ?

Best Regards,


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Answers (3)

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Thanks you both ! Just to let you know guys - I haven't forgot this thread...

Both solutions seems very good.

I'll test them and then get back to here ....

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Hello, Nitzan.

I'd suggest to try a different approach.

Action's condition can be not only from workflow (under "workflow" I mean container and rules). But also BAdIs EVAL_SCHEDCOND_PPF for Schedule Condition and EVAL_STARTCOND_PPF for Start Condition can be used.

In action definition you set which way is used for conditions: workflow or BAdI. There is a [Note 1007346 - Scheduling of actions only after resetting a status|] which provides an example of such BAdI for Schedule Condition when some status is reset. You can do something similar to identify a change of the partner.

Hope this will help.

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Great answer , Andrei.

I used your solution with functions suggested by Bruno.

Works great. Thanks you both.

I just can not understand how to give you points in this new UI .... ?????

Where should I do it ?

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Hi Nitzan,

In action condition menu, I would create a parameter where I would flag if a partner change was occurred.

This flag would be calculated, by implementing BADI CONTAINER_PPF, where I would use function modules like CRM_PARTNER_READ_DB and CRM_PARTNER_READ_OW to get the partner consulting database and memory, and compare the values to check if it was changed.

Check if may help you a little more.

Kind regards,


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we have the same issue for Solution Manager 7.1.

We had implemented our own coding in "BADI CONTAINER_PPF".

But we're not sure which Business Object we have to use as filter value. And how it is possible to debug

the coding ?

We had set the additional Flag in PPF Conditions (SPPFCADM) for application CRM_ORDER

--> Contraints configuration --> Action profile Incident Management ( ZMIN )  :


Actually we get stuck to get this BADI working.