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How to restor deleted component

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Hi experts,

Help please, I'm new in CRM 7.0 and i accidently delete component IUICOBJD, when i was trying to delete an enhancement of this component, any body can tel me how to recover this component?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Now without the help of BASIS team you will not be able to get this Component back.


Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hello Napoliste,

I believe you have deleted the BSP application IUICOBJD.

The best approach would be to make your QA client open. Go to SE80. Choose BSP Applications. Type IUICOBJD and press enter.

You will see the BSP application in the object name list. Now right click on IUICOBJD and choose Other Functions->Write Transport Entry. Create a transport and move this transport to Dev client.

This will restore the IUICOBJD component back to your Dev client.



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Hi Napoliste,

I have not tried it myself since I'm too afraid to break the system, but here's something you can try:

When you have deleted the component, you have deleted the BSP application.

Go to trx SE95 (modification browser) and select tab Reset Objects, check the Deleted objects checkbox.

Go to either: Deleted Objects -> Web Objects


Without Modification Assistant -> Web Objects

There you should find your deleted BSP application, try to reset it to original (and the underlying objects as well if needed). When you're done you can choose refresh and if all went well the objects are gone from the list.

Let me know if it worked!

Cheers, Roel

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Hi Roel,

I found the BSP application, but when I tried to reset it to original, a message is appear "No original is available for this object. You may, however, delete the object from the modification overview (subtree "Modifications Without Modification Assistant") if you are certain that it corresponds to the SAP original.". I tried Reset all, the application disappear from deleted objects, but not exist in SAP.