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How to load hmc.xml changes through impex file

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Hi Experts, Do we have any hints, solutions to load hmc.xml changes through impex file.

I tried by following

But when i run the below impex , i cant get any changes in System > hMC Configuration

Please help me if anybody have solution

Impex :

INSERT_UPDATE SolrIndexedType;identifier[unique=true];hmcXML; ;maplinProductType;"

             <exclusion attribute=""solrIndexedProperties"" />
     <tab name=""tab.configuration.indexedtype"">
         <section name=""sec.configuration.indexedtype"">
                     <listlayout mode=""replace"">
                         <attribute name=""identifier""/>
                         <attribute name=""type""/>
                         <attribute name=""indexName""/>
                                 <td width=""16"" />
                                 <td width=""200"">
                                     <shortcut name=""findindexedproperties"" type=""SolrIndexedProperty"" usage=""finder""
                                         <preset targetattribute=""solrIndexedType"" />
                         <attribute name=""solrIndexerQueries"">
                             <referencecollectioneditor resortable=""false"" create=""true"" remove=""true"" autosave=""false"" editable=""true"">
                                     <attribute name=""type""/>
                                     <attribute name=""query"" width=""300""/>
                         <attribute name=""identityProvider""/>
                         <attribute name=""modelLoader""/>
                         <attribute name=""valuesProvider""/>
                         <attribute name=""solrResultConverter""/>


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Answers (2)

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You have misunderstood the implementation here. System->hMC Configuration loads and displays the global hmc.xml file which is compiled when running ant all. It contains the overall configuration of the hMC extension.

This cannot be loaded via ImpEx.

More info can be found here:

The loading of hmc config in the link you posted is specific to user groups. This is applied on top of the global hmc.xml for when the user of that group is logged in. Typically it is used to configure the left hand side tree.

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Use the below impex header to load the xml.

INSERT_UPDATE UserGroup ;uid[unique=true] ;groups(uid) ;locname[lang=en]; hmcXML;