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How to assign BP to BP?

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Dear all,

I created a organization model having a ornganization unit (Marketing Div)

Now i assigned Marketing Manager (Mr XXX) to the Organization unit.

now i have two employees under marketing manager in same organization unit.

Can any body guide me how can assign employee(Sale Exes)to the marketing manager??



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You might need to consider achieving this via positions. You can create a position "Marketing Manager" under your org unit. Assign employee of your manager to that position. Under this position you create another position "Employees". Assign your sales executives to this position.

Hope this helps.



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Dear kaushal,

I have this type of structure

(1)Marketing Manager

(a)Jr Marketing Manager

(a)Sales officer-1

(a)Sales Executive-1

(b)Sales Officer-2

(a)Sales Executive-2

Now How can i assign one position to another position.

When i right click on position and select assign then it will show the BP name not position.

and if i right click on organization unit and select assign then only it will show position but if i will do like that the position of Marketin Manager and Sales Executive is same

pls reply


but i want to put under perticular officer

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Hi Jayesh

You cannot maintain Employee hierarchy in CRM, but you can maintain only different positions at different levels. When you assign emplyees to a position, the employees will have a User id assigned to them which will determine who is what (referring to HR structure)

My suggestion is create different positions at the same level of organizational unit, that doesnt mean one is superior/ subordinate than other (Unless you have different Org Hierarchies)

But if you have a situation where you will have to use employee hierarchy (example:" workflows) you will have to assign more attributes at each position like approval amounts or any other differentiation rules in which case again it has to refer to HR structure by thier ID's given in the BP record

Hope this helps

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Hi Jayesh,

for Employee Hierarchy and assignment of additional attributes through workflow look at /nppomw

thanks and regards