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How to add custom structur to dynamic query BOL Object CREDWB_CREDIT_SRCH

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Hi Experts,

I have to add a field to a search view (Component CRMCMP_CAWB, View: CreditWbSearchview). I could not create an APPEND (not enhanceable stucture) or Include for the standard structure so I had to create my own Z-Structure.

So where in customizing I can assign the custom (Z-) Structure to the standard BOL-Object (CREDWB_CREDIT_SRCH). Normally in customizing:

Customer Relationship Management -> CRM Cross-Application Components -> Generic Interaction Layer/Object Layer -> Basic Settings

I can assign a Z Implementation Class to comp name CREDWB where I can define that system has to take the Z-Structure is that correct?



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I am not sure whether you can do this via customizing it self.

Try using AET or EEWB. If they dont help your requirement, to enahnce a BOL search object we have to follow the below steps.

Step 1: Identify the search structure using GENIL_MODEL_BROWSER

Step 2: Enhance the structure in SE11

Step 3: Implement the BADI CRM_RF_SEARCH_EEW

Step 4: Add entry to CRMC_REPDY for the field

Step 4a: If you are upgrading from CRM 5.0 to 7.0 then you have to set the Checkbox "No hiding of fields by design layer" in the Customizing at CRM -> UI Framework -> UI Framework Definition -> Design Layer -> Deactivate Hiding of Fields

Step 5: Add field to search view in CRM webclient

Step 6 Optional: Add input help for the new search field

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Rajini A