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How do you add a customer satisfaction survey to an email template used for a workflow rule?

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How do you add a link to a customer satisfaction survey to an HTML email used in a workflow rule?

I have searched the documentation. Under E-mail Templates in the Administrative guide it states, "for information about creating e-mail templates for use with workflow notification rules, see Workflow Rules Quick Guide".  However when I search for that in the Administrative guide I cannot find it.

I find a section on workflow rules but it does not cover this.  I found the process for adding customer satisfaction surveys to e-mail templates sent from marketing campaigns with a code snipet, but that is for campaign execution.

Best Regards,

Mike S.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

0 Kudos is a thread with the answer for anyone else interested.

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Answers (1)

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Hi Michael,

Since the correct answer is buried a bit deep within that thread, let me copy the steps here for everybody's convenience:

  • In fine tuning create a survey category, e.g. “Customer Satisfaction”, of type Satisfaction
    • Look for the fine tuning activity "Survey", and within it "Maintain Survey Categories"
    • If you don't see the survey category type "Satisfaction", you need to adjust the scoping and add the "Enhanced Marketing Functionalities"
  • Create a survey of category “Customer satisfaction”
    • Take note of the Survey ID. 
  • Create a workflow rule of type Email
    • Define the condition (on create, on save, or scheduled) so that the email is sent when you prefer,  e.g. 3 days after the ticket is completed
  • Create an HTML email template, with a placeholder with the format #SURVEYID#
    • e.g. #SURVEY41#, if the ID of the customer satisfaction survey was 41
    • In order to avoid showing the full URL in the email, you may want to embed the placeholder within a href tag
  • In the placeholder mapping, map #SURVEY41# to anything, it does not matter
    • e.g. to “Ticket ID”
    • Regardless of the mapping, the code will recognize the placeholder and replace it with a link
  • When the email is sent, the system will:
    • Create an instance of the survey
    • Generate the external link
    • Use it to replace the placeholder
  • Note that this feature only works for Email, not Notifications, as it is supposed to be used when communicating with external recipients

Hope this helps!


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Thanks for this. Is there any standard report to analyse the survey response?

Other question: Is there a standard mechanism to MANUALLY attach a survey to an email sent from a ticket?

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There are data sources for surveys.

Lead Survey Answers

Opportunity Survey Answers

Ticket Survey Answers

Business Partner Survey Answers


These can be used to report on the responses and also include the answer text.

There are some standard reports mostly focused on visits and business partners, so you may need to create your own data source to join to the core object and reports.

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Thanks Marcus

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Hi Marcus

One question, I was not able to find configuraiton guide about how to capture response on Lead survey.

could you please tell me where to refer the guide ?

and for capturing the survey result will survey portal required or C4C itself will provide web page for customer to fill out the survey once submitted the result will be automatically captured ?

Any development work required for this ?

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Hi Stein,

Download the Admin Guide from:

Look up the Section on Designing Surveys.