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Hotfolder fails to create an Error file

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The hot folder configuration in question has a processor defined as part of the impex header. The processor is being used to valid some same data that is provide in the value line. The hot folder is processing Stock Level updates, inserts. Stock Level has no relationship to Product - thus you can create a StockLevel for a product that does not exist.

The processor is doing a check to make sure that the product code being provided does indeed exist.

The file gets processed, but in the event that a given value line has a product code that does not exist I want that info to be placed into a error file - but that is not happening.

Right now I have the processor throw IllegalArgumentExceptions - I have tried IllegalStateException, SystemException but nothing seems to cause the creation of the Error file/folder.

Any pointers as to how to make that happen, things to check for in my hot folder xml definition etc.

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Thanks for the references - will take a look

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