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Events to trigger Alerts in crm 2007.

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Hello All,

I am using crm 2007.

I am displaying independent BSP( this BSP is not the component) application using transaction launcher in IC Webclient framework.

Now, I have to raise an event to trigger alerts, when I click save button in my BSP page.

I am not able to define this event in event repository (in intent driven interaction) as this BSP is not the part of components.

Can anybody let me know, how can I define this event in event repository so that I can trigeer an alert when this event is raised.

Best Regards

Bhavishya Mittal

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Answers (3)

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Hello Bhavishya,

I assume you are referring to the IMG transaction CRMC_IC_EVENT_REP "Define Events in Repository"? You mention that you are not able to define a new event in event repository as the desired BSP component "is not the part of components". By this last statement do you simply mean that the F4 value help does not offer your custom BSP component in the list of available choices? If so, isn't it possible to just manually enter the name of your component into the "Component" field? Or does the system not accept this as a valid entry?

Best regards,


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This question is regarding alert modeler not regarding Alert framework.

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Hi Bhavishya Mittal,

have you tried the Function Module: SALERT_CREATE_API?

Best regards