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Error in Business Object bus2000126

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Hello all,

i have given a workflow issue, in customer interaction center.

The issue is " When A OS Tech support case is created in business activity ( crmd_bus2000126 ), the case is open, and this case is assingned to a person ( field-assigned to) and if that person is not taking any action in that case for 4 hrs a notification(via email) has to send to his HR Manager and this continues for every 24hrs till the status not open (ie any other status ).

Business object - bus2000126

Delegated object - zbu2000126

For this case i am creating a fuction module to find the HR managers mail id and i am calling this function module in a method.


When i try to release the method, it said release the higher level first, so i tried to release the business object ( zbu2000126 ) but it says " SET THE STATUS FOR SUPERTYPE FIRST ".

Can any one help me on this issue.

Note: the subtype is created in one request.

the method that i want to create is in other request.

Thanks in advance

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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copy the code of the method, delete the method. save and generate...

then again create the method by copying the code.

sometimes it happens with no reason... may be a bug.(My trainer from SAP told me this...)

This will solve your problem first..

Another thumb rule is that object status shud be atleast implemented before releasing the method.

Based on the last error message better do the following, check the status of supertype BUS2000126. Make it to relesed if necessary.

Your problem will be solved.


Sandeep Josyula

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hello sandeep josyula,

i done that already, and i can able to get that method when i create the method.

i want to know will this error make any problem while i am transporting the workflow from development to quality or production.



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I Hope you have already rectified the error and I guess the workflow is going smooth in development server.

I dont expect that the errors will occur again if once corrected and generated in development.

The next step important is :

Transport the requests in sequence (Important) in order of subtype, delegation, ztables or FMs if any, tasks and rules, workflow design.

Dont forget to redo the SWU3, manual not transportable activites like in SWETYPV configurations in target server. If any doubts regarding this, pl feel free to ask me.

All the best for you


Sandeep Josyula

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