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Error 'Field ... already exists; choose different name' in extension scenario

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We have made extensions for BO Lead and Opportunity in CustomerRelationshipManagementUnity solution.

We’ve added a new field ZZLeadProjectRegionID for these extensions. A value of this field must copy from lead to opportunity when the user creates folow up opportunity from lead.

It was added an annotation for this field [Scenario (LeadExtensionRootPES)] in extension LeadExtensionXBO. And it was added annotation [Reference] in extension OpportunityExtensionXBO for this field.

The object was activated fine, without any errors.

When we tried to transfer our solution from test to production, Cloud Application Studio has made secondary activation of project and then an error have appeared: ‘ZZLeadProjectRegionID: Field ZZLeadProjectRegionID already exists; choose different name’.

The object is new, it wasn’t transferred into production before so the id of this field couldn’t exist yet. So the compilation couldn’t be executed due to this error.

To bring other developments into production we had to comment this field everywhere including extensions.

So what the cause of this error can be? And how it can be corrected?

Thanks in advance, Andrey.

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I got the same error multiple times, and it only goes away when changing the name of the variable. Could anyone shed some light on this?

Best regards