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Enhanced CRM datasource new fields from sourcetable not populated with data

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On an existing datasource which is based on CRM table CRMD_CUSTOMER_H I added 2 extra fields from the sourcetable that were nog in the extractor yet.

Same for a datasource on table CRMD_CUSTOMER_I.

I added the fields via RSA6 on the datasource itself and on the Extractstructure. Name and datatype I copied from the basetable. The fields I added in the datasources where added on the sourcetable (CRMD_CUSTOMER_H via includes) in the past.

Because the fields are available on the sourcetable, I don't need to add abap on function_exit EXIT_SAPLRSAP_001.

All parts are correctly activated. Replication to SAP BW is done and the new fields came available on BW and via RSA3.

Issue: But extractorchecker RSA3 comes up with empty values on the new fields, logically also on the BW PSA tables.

The fields are populated on the sourcetables itself (CRMD_CUSTOMER_H and CRMD_CUSTOMER_I).
I checked other questions/solutions here, but I don't seem to find this particulary situation.

Thanks for any help!

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