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Emails are automatically saved as drafts in Interaction Records

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Hi all,

I've set up the agent inbox and ERMS for email processing. Everything works fine, but one feature is annoying to the business: when replying to an email the system automatically saves a draft e-mail to the interaction record, next to the original email and the reply email.

This causes unnecessary and confusing info in the interaction record.

Does anyone know where to deactivate the automatic save of draft email? (manual saves is OK, but not even really needed in our scenario)


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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After you clicked reply, did you send the mail? If you sent the mail and
still see the draft mail got saved, could you please retest the behavior by adding
user parameter WCF_IGNORE_ENHANCEMT with value set as A in T-code: su3?

If the issue still shows up,you can do the debugging around the method in note

1306333 - Email should not automatically save without clicking on save
1614899 - Draft not updated to Sent in IR after sending draft email

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The behaviour is not consistent (at least I haven't found the pattern yet). It doesn't save a draft when i nicely Hit Reply, type a mail and hit Send.

It did happen yesterday during a demo when I did multiple actions and jumped from the draft reply back to the inbox and jumped around in the Web IC.

Thanks for the pointers to the notes, that'll help to put some break-points and try to find the reason for the behaviour.

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