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Differences Commerce vs. Commerce Cloud


What are the differences between these two solutions:

  • SAP Commerce
  • SAP Commerce Cloud

Is there a whitepaper or some document comparing the two solutions from a customer point of view. When should a customer decide for one or the other?

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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There are two variants of SAP Commerce Cloud:

1. SAP Commerce Cloud v1 (CCv1 or SAP Commerce Cloud on SAP Infrastructure)

2. SAP Commerce Cloud v2 (CCv2 or Commerce Cloud in the Public Cloud)

You can check for a good comparison between these two. There is another one at

When we say 'SAP Commerce', we simply mean Hybris On-Premise software package.

Choosing between On-Premise and Cloud variants is more linked to the organization's IT strategy and roadmap than the comparison between their capabilities. You won't find much difference in the two variants but the way they are deployed and managed varies by far. On-Premise and Cloud have their own pros and cons and an online search will give you hundreds of links explaining it e.g.

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yes - what are the arguments to use on premise vs cloud. How does a customer decide?

as of v1, v2 you would go with v2 I assume. A new project will not wan't to use v1 cloud anymore right?


Only V2 is offered for new customers, the advantage of CCv2 is that it's a managed environment which reduces TCO and licensing costs. It's also it's a pure Cloud solution, so it can scale up quickly and has Monitoring tools like Dynatrace and Kibana out of the box.

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Answers (1)


There is no difference. At certain point of time the product has been renamed from "SAP Commerce" to "SAP Commerce Cloud" 🙂 Like it has been renamed from Hybris to SAP Hybris to SAP Commerce... you see, it is more a marketing thing.

You can deploy "SAP Commerce Cloud" as on-premise solution as well.