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Deletion of Emails in the IC Agent Inbox

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Hi everyone,

Does anyone know if there is a standard way, for example through authorisations that you can control who can delete emails in the IC agent inbox? The client wants only managers to be able to delete emails. I guess you could change the BSP to suppress the button but would like to avoid having multiple profiles. Does anyone know a slick way of doing this through authorisations?

Many thanks


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Dear Paul Clarence,

I would like to extend this topic with my experience.

Please keep in mind that at CRM Agent Inbox, requested functionality is

not delivered via Authorization Object but you would need to implement it via

BADI CRM_IC_INBOX_BADI Method BEFORE_DELETE as an alternative approach

to actions proposed earlier. So that your agent are NOT able to Delete E-mails

inside CRM-IC-UNI: Component: ICCMP_INBOX.

If you would like, you could create Z* Authorization Object and Evaluate

inside CRM_IC_INBOX_BADI, so that some have agents are capable to delete

and while others are not...

Observe this would be limited to Component: ICCMP_INBOX, if agents have access

to EmailWB (Component: CRMCMP_EMWB), they would be able to perform the delete

operation there. Observe EmailWB, is meant to be used with BR: IC_MANAGER

FYI, review SAP Note:

882653 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Agent Inbox

Observe that BC-SRV-COM layer delivers program: RSBCS_REORG

(Note: 966854), to handle SAPOffice Reorganization. It can happen that

due to product bug (at this report) and/or at application side(CRM) - which

might lead to broken links between the E-mail and its: IRec, ST or SR,

relevant e-mails might be falsely candidates to be deleted and could

infact be removed from the system, review SAP Note: 1555986, 1547313.

In production environment, be extremely carefully when scheduling

previous report (RSBCS_REORG).

When due to bug at Program: RSBCS_REORG and/or a product misuse

(truncating SAPOffice Tables directly at Database level), a loss of E-mails

has occurred, BC-SRV-COM have delivered SAP Note:

1593227 Restoring sent documents from backup system

but for it to work Missing E-mails, must be inside your: 28-day Backup Cycle, if

you noticed the missing E-mail after that window and do not have a Backup

then you will not be able to recover Missing E-mails!!!


Luis Vera

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Hi Paul,

Does the managers have a specific business role?

Please take a look at the method MODIFY_BUTTONBAR in class CL_ICCMP_IN_INBOXITEMS_IMPL. This method adjusts button states for display in the inbox result list.

In order to change this method, you will need to enhance the component ICCMP_INBOX and view ICCMP_INBOX/InboxItems, using transaction BSP_WD_CMPWB.

I hope it helps!

Kind Regards,

Gabriel Santana