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Delay in Bdoc

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Hi ....

Can someone please help me on it..

We are saving BP and there is no Bdoc no Queue for 5 mins. And after Mins Bdoc is getting generated.. ECC To CRM flow.

is there a way to check pending create queues and Bdocs please?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Thereu2019s a process monitor(txn. SM50 and SM66 as well) which gives you more info on your work processes and if theyu2019re busy doing something.

If you save a BP in ECC, the outbound queue in ECC has to be generated. And then it is distributed to Inbound of CRM. Since youu2019re facing a delay in BDoc formation

I guess your workprocesses might be busy in ECC/CRM.

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