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Data cannot be maintained for set type COMM_PR_SHTEXTu201D

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We have a live SAP CRM 5.2 system, we are planning to integrate this system to R/3 4.6c now. we are facing an issue while doing an initial download of products from R/3 to CRM, the BDocs are failing and we are getting the following error :

u201CData cannot be maintained for set type COMM_PR_SHTEXTu201D etc.

Following are more details:

1. In our exisitng SAP CRM 5.2 implementation we have created Z Hierarchy and Categories to create products.

2. To these categories we have assigned some basic Set Types like COMM_PR_SHTEXT (Short description).

3. Our understanding is that these set types can only be assigned to 1 Category and any sub-category automatically inherits them. However, any category which is not in the same hierarchy would not be able to use them i.e. we cannot assign these Set Types to another Category once we have assigned it to one.

4. For Product Download from ERP, we need to use standard Hierarchies u201CR3PRODHIERu201D and u201CR3PRODSTYPu201D, and all the categories as maintained in ERP are replicated under them.

5. When the Product data is coming from ERP, it is carrying the data of these set types also, assuming that these set types are maintained for u201CERPu201D Categories assigned to hierarchies u201CR3PRODHIERu201D and u201CR3PRODSTYPu201D.

6. Since this not the actual case, BDoc is failing with error u201CData cannot be maintained for set type COMM_PR_SHTEXTu201D etc.

Any ideas or suggestions how to resolve this issue, can set types be assigned to more than 1 category or sub category?

if anyone has been involved in integrating R/3 with with standalone SAP CRM implementation please share your experiences.



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Hi RH,

As you have rightly identified that Set types for one product type can be assigned only to (one or more categories within) one hierarchy.

One more important thing that you have to note is that in case you have created base hierarchies manually for the product type Material or Service in CRM do not later connect an ECC system to your CRM system without consulting SAP first. Under no circumstances perform an R/3 customizing download.



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Check In the hierarchy R3PRODSTYP (product subtype).

The hierarchy has two levels. The first level contains the categories MAT_ for materials and SRV_ for services. In the case of materials, the second level is a sublevel of MAT_ and contains the material types imported from ERP, each with the prefix MAT_. For example, the ERP material type HAWA (trading goods) is created as the category MAT_HAWA.

In addition, the SAP-defined CRM set types are assigned to the categories of the hierarchy R3PRODSTYP as follows:

○ The following set types are assigned to the category MAT_:

■ COMM_PR_MAT (basic data on materials)

■ COMM_PR_SHTEXT (description)

■ COMM_PR_UNIT (conversion of units of measure)

■ COMM_PR_LGTEXT1 (basic texts)

As a result, these set types are inherited by all material types.

○ The following set types are also assigned to the category MAT_ if the status Sales is assigned to the material type in the ERP system:

■ CRMM_PR_SALES (sales: distribution chain)

■ CRMM_PR_SALESA (sales: control fields, units of measure, and quantities)

■ CRMM_PR_SALESG (sales: groupings)

■ CRMM_PR_TAX (sales: taxes)

■ CRMM_PR_LGTEXT2 (sales: texts)

■ CRMM_PR_LGTEXT (texts)

● ERP product hierarchies

This information is transferred to the CRM hierarchy R3PRODHIER.

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