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Cron Job Trigger "NEXT ACTIVATION TIME" is not getting updated after deployment/server startup - Hybris 6.2

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As a result,cron jobs are not getting triggered automatically since the next activation becomes past date.

This appears to happen when the server is down and the job suppose to start.

Performing manual save operation on Trigger seems to be the quickest manual work around.Wondering if this is an Hybris Isuue.

Has anybody encountered the same and fixed without any manual process?

Your inputs will be much appreciated.

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Answers (1)

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Hi suresh, I am also facing the same issue. Is it resolved if yes please let me know what steps you have followed to resolve the issue. Thanks

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Hi Dhiraj,

Please refer attachmentlink text - just finding elapsed trigger and performing operation.This operation is invoked automatically during server startup.

Dont need to perform manuall save operation on trigger.Do test and see if there are no side effects.Good Luck.

link text

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Thanks Suresh.