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CRM Pricing: Condition record is not recognized

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Dear Experts,

I have a problem with new pricing condition type: it doesn't find condition records while transaction processing.

I've customized

1) new condition type ZEUT

2) new access sequence ZEUT

3) new condition table CUS740 with 2 fields in it

4) Assigned condition table CUS740 to access sequence ZEUT

5) Assigned access sequence ZEUT to condition type ZEUT

6) Assigned condition type ZEUT to pricing procedure ZSRT

7) Created new maintance group ZEUT

😎 Defined maintance group ZEUT for context GCM

9) Added 2 condition records to the condition table

While transaction processing when i'm looking at accesses traces in transaction i can see that all 2 atributes in condition ZEUT are determined and fullfilled with values. According to that values condition ZEUT should result in a Discount 10%, but it doesn't. Instead of that condition ZEUT fails with red status and is not taken in account in pricing procedure.

What should I do to make my condition type ZEUT working properly?

Please, if you have any ideas about this case, provide me with them.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Vlsdimir

If the attributes used for the query to the condition table are determined and correspond to the entry in the condition table then you should check validity date of condition records and the date that is used to compare with these validity dates.

The validity dates of condition records are represented by fields TIMESTAMP_FROM and TIMESTAMP_TO in condiiton tables CNCCRMPRSAP* or CNCCRMPRCUS*. Sometimes there are records for the relevant key fields but their validity date has expired.

The date that we must consider to check the validity date is indicated in condition type customizing. This is usually PRICE_DATE for prices or discounts. The default value of PRICE_DATE in the business transaction is the current date, but it can be changed at header level by the end user.

Best Regards

Luis Rivera

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Dear Luis, thank you for your reply!

You were right, price date in the transaction was set exactly the year before I was making tests and start date for pricing condition was the date I was making test, so I haven't mentioned it.

You solved my problem, thank you!



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