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CRM Middleware Monitoring Cockpit

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Hello everybody!

In the CRM Middleware Monitoring Cockpit (SMWP) under

Runtime Information -> Adapter Status Infrmation -> Parameters in R/3 Backend(s) -> <SysID> -> Parameters for object load management

I have everything in status "yellow", but I think that all the voices are linked to the first one "Entries for RFC-Destination for the local CRM system".

It gives me this error msg: "No entries exists for the RFC-Destination <Logical System Name>"

With a double click it send me to the R/3 table "CRMRFCPAR" that I mainteined as the guide told me:

Consumer applic. CRM

Object name *

Destination <RFC Destination of R/3 towards CRM>

Downld type * All Load Types

Queue name

InQueue name

BAPI name

Short descriptn.

Data rcd inactive

Ignore data

InQueue flag X


Stop data

Do you have any idea why I have this error?

P.S.: the R/3 system (test) was just refreshed with production data.


Marco Brasile

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Marco,

I guess the test system is a copy of the product system in that case CRM test system will be pointing to R/3 production system. Which is not correct (It should point to R/3 test system).

Hence can you check in the field

Destination <RFC Destination of R/3 towards CRM>

Whether the RFC destination is R/3 test system or not.

This should solve the problem.

best regards

middleware developer

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Sorry, but I didn't explain that good: the refresh was of R/3 side, not of CRM.

The wrong RFC Connection (that, of course, was the first thing that I changed) was in R/3 side pointing from R/3 Production to CRM Production, and I change it from R/3 Test to CRM Developement/Test (one CRM system for both).

One thing that I noticed this morning was that trying to "Start analysis tool" of the mentioned node, it gives me the message "No RFC destination for the R/3 Backend found", and in the details it speaks about the RFC Connection configured in SMOEAC. But in SMOEAC there are the settings of CRM side, not of R/3... and nothing was changed in CRM!!

And, anyway, they were already OK!

Best Regards

Marco Brasile

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Two idea:

1. Do you have a site type defined for OLTP(R/3) in SMOEAC? If you don't then obviously the middleware isn't setup properly.

2. Is the user for CRM to login into R/3 setup as a non-dialog user? If so I have noticed in our environment that you can't view any of the parameters with a non-dialog user setup for the middleware destination.

Good luck,


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Thank you Stephen but:

1) It's indeed setup an OLTP(R/3) site in SMOEAC with the right RFC Destination (for this reason is so strange the message)

2) The user for CRM that login into R/3 is still a dialog user (I'll change it in a second moment) indeed to move more easily in the other system.

Thank you anyway!


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