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CRM ICWC - Incoming call - Identify Account : contact person determination

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Hi Gurus

We have implemented ICWC in CRM 5.0 and I have the following problem:

I have an Account (a customer with his own telephone number) and a Contact Person (a person with his own telephone number that differ from the customer nr) has been defined in the Relationships.

As soon as there is an incoming call from the Account, the application founds both the Customer and the Contact Person and the data of both bp's are filled in the view.

I do not want that the Contact Person data are filled automatically, but the Contact Person data are filled after the IC Agent has been choose the Contact Person manually.

Do you know if there is a way to do this?

Thanks and Regards,


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Hi fabia,

An account will have a different address and the person who is contacting for the account may or may not have a different address i.e correct.

Functionally speaking there will always be some one calling with the account so,

the account can be confirmed and a contact person can be selected.

once the account is confirmed the address details are of the account as soon as we select/create the contact person the address details of the contact person is displayed.

I would like to know from you what haapens when the incoming call comes in

--> is the account getting identified from the contact number?

-- > Is it that only the contact person details are visible ?



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in 5.0 B2B when creating the account and contact there is only 1 address created in the ICWC. The account (org) and contact (person) can have different phone, email, fax which are searchable fields in finding the BP.

t-code CRMC_IC_BPPROF is where you indicate what role new accounts get created as well as the related contact usually BUP001.

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In the B2B the IC is going to pull the account. If there is only 1 contact person assigned to that account it will automatically pull that contact.

There isn't a way for it to find a contact and have you create or assign the account to that contact.

If that contact worked for 2 companies (realistic?) you would have to create 2 contacts in the ICWC for that person, 1 for each company. In CRM online you could assign that single contact BP as a contact to both companies but not in ICWC.

not great answer but points if it helps.