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CRM_IC: Passing Attribute values between classes

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I'm working on CRM_IC Inbox Enhancements module and facing a problem passing values from one class to another.

Can any one let me know how can i access the value of an attribute declared and changed in one class can be used and accessed in another class.

Thanks in advance

Ajay Yeluguri

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Answers (1)

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You can use Custom BDC Controller CuCoBDC method


set the attributes,value pair using this method and access them in the target view by using get_navigation_data().



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Hi Thirumala,

Thanks for the answer.

I'm new to this CRM development and trying what you said but getting errors when executed

Please check the code and let me know if any changes

<b>In the first class:</b>

DATA: lr_bdc TYPE REF TO cl_crm_ic_cucobdc_impl.

lr_bdc ?= lr_bdc->get_custom_controller( 'CuCoBDC' ).


iv_source_view_name = 'testdata' ).

<b>In the next class:</b>

DATA: lr_bdc TYPE REF TO cl_crm_ic_cucobdc_impl,

lv_bp_number TYPE string,

lr_selected_object TYPE REF TO if_bol_bo_property_access.

lr_bdc ?= lr_bdc->get_custom_controller( 'CuCoBDC' ).

CALL METHOD lr_bdc->get_navigation_data


ev_selected_object = lr_selected_object.