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CRM IC Inbox Items display, duedate show in red

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Hi Everyone,

I'm working on the design and data selection enhancements in the Inbox module of CRM_IC.

Can any one help me to change the color of the column data(text) in the AuiItems.htm screen or any hints regarding this issue will be highly appreciated and rewarded.



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The only way I know how to do this is to replace the view and controller. See the tutorial, working with viees and viewsets in the ic_webclient_cookbook.


1. Copy View.

2. Copy Controller.

3. Create an Iterator e.g. zcl_iterator. This is a class with the interface, IF_HTMLB_TABLEVIEW_ITERATOR.

4. Create an attibute in the controller class eg iterator type ref to zcl_iterator.

5. In the auiItems.htm view change the iterator of MyAuiItemTree from iterator="<%= AuiItemTree->iterator %>"> to iterator="<%= controller->iterator %>">.

In your iterator class there is a method called IF_HTMLB_TABLEVIEW_ITERATOR~RENDER_CELL_START.

in this method you can process each cell.

data: col_text type ref to cl_crm_ic_label.

case p_column_key.

when 'ITEMTYPE'.

when 'TEXT'.

Your code here.

create object col_text.

col_text->id = p_cell_id.

col_text->for = '//'.

col_text->design = 'LABELSMALL'.

col_text->text = ?

p_replacement_bee = col_text.


This is the way I have replaced cells in the auiitems.

There is probably an easier way to do this. If you find out let me know.

I hope this was some help.