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Creating transactions in Action Box

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Does anyone know how I can find out what Object Type and what Method are "behind" a Transaction? I know I can see what the Program is, but I need the other two to create a link in the Action Box to the transaction.

Thank you in advance!

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Thank you!

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Also to add, u can create CRM Transactions only as a button and not R/3 transactions which u want to connect (as mentioned in ur thread)cos CIC is a communication channel and a CRM component not R/3...................

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I know that I am only making a button to access a transaction from R/3.

Let's take transaction EL01 as an example. How can I reach it from the Action Box from CIC? I need an object and a method. Do you know how I can find them out?

Thank you!

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Hi Anca!

Maybe now you have created your Action Box.

Anyway this is an example for creating a R3 transaction call:

1.- In EWFC0 after selecting transaction group and clicking Create transaction button:

Transaction ZMTS

Trans. descrip. "Your transaction description"

Menu descrip. "Your transaction description for showing in IC"


Inactive --> unchecked

M BOR Method

Logical System: "Your R3 logical system"

Object Type: TSTC


Open as Workspace --> Checked

Standard(generated) --> Checked

New Window --> Checked

2.- Click OK

3.- Select your Action Box

4.- Click "Data Flow" button

5.- In "CA (Component assignment: on/off)" column, clic "+" button

6.- Click OK in popup window

7.- In Data Source Column type transaction name: Example: EL01

8.- In Log. system column, select your R3 logical system

9.- Click back button

10.- Save your changes.

Hope it helps.

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I believe there is a confusion to what you are looking for and what everyone is responding to your Query .

I am making a effort to understand what you are looking for .

Lets take for Example : You want to Launch Sales Order Creation Transaction which is VA01 in your IC WebClient .

Now , there is no direct Correlation between a Transaction Code and Business Object . So to find the Business Object for Sales Order , I would go to T Code BAPI , and browse the Applicatin Hierarchy to reach the particular Business Object . In my case Sales and Distribution -> Sales ->Sales Order . And if you click on this Object in the Hierarchy , you can see the Business Object in the Details screen.

Next take this Business Object ( BUS2032 for Sales Order ) and go to tCode SWO1 and see the Methods /Attributes to find which is the correct method you can use for your Transaction Lancher .

Hope this helps.

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Hey Anca!!

To define an action box that contains transactions that are not implemented in the standard, suggest that you first copy the configuration that meets your requirements most.An action box call enables you to create an extra workspace for a special action by selecting this transaction from the action box.


Creating an action box call for sales orders:


Path:-CRM-> Interaction Center WinClient -> Visible Components ->Action Box Settings -> Define Configuration Profile for Action Box

2-----To create a new configuration profile for the IC Sales scenarios select standard configuration profile SALESACT (Default Action Box Sales) using the input help and choose Copy… .

3-------Rename the copy to YB_SALES and choose Continue.

4.------To configure the new action box choose Change.1.

Mark the transaction group ACTV and choose Create transaction.

5-----.Maintain the following entries:

Field name User action and values

Transaction SALE

Trans. descrip. Sales Order (EN);

Menu descrip. Sales Order (EN);


Transaction definition Workspace (choose via input help)


Profile Y_TELESALES ( your IC profile)


Choose Continue.


In the occurring dialog box Maintain data flow no entries must be maintained, so choose Back.

Hope this helps

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Hi Anca.

Do you mean the actionbox that's visible in change mode of a transaction opened with SAP transaction CRMD_ORDER?

These actions are defined as implementations of the BADIs EXEC_METHOCALL_PPF

and customized using SAP transaction SPPFCADM.

If you're searching for a totally different kind of link and action box, please specify.



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Well, yes. I am sorry I wasn't more explicit. I am talking about the Action Box from the Customer Interaction Center and about making a button that will link me to a transaction from R/3.

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I have no idea what you mean!