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Contact Persons in Mobile Sales Application

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Hi Guys,

For some existing customer I can not find the contact persons when I use the direct search for contact persons.

The persons only appears in the contact person list of the business partner. When try to open this person for details from this list a little window opens with the message “no details available for the person”.

The window display the information for this person but there is no possibility for changing the information or add additional information.

anyone can give me suggestions

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Zack,

did you fill the CDB with BUPA_REL adapter object?



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Thanks it worked.

But I am having ome more issue regarding the PArtner Functions for the Activites

We are assigning Contact Persons to the Business Partner.

We are assigning activities for the contact persons.

But the Contact Persons for the activity are always getting changed.

Sometimes wrong contact persons are getting added and some times the main contact person is getting change

DO you have any idea regarding the Partner Determination Procedure.

Thanks in Advance

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Zack

The partenr determination procedure is defined in customizing.It basically specifies which partner functions can be found automatically in a can be sold to party or ship to party.It can be assisgned to a transaction type and item ctaegory.It consists of three levels

1)Procedure user(sales transaction,service,opportunity)

2)Partner functions in the procedure(Eg.sold to party,emp.responsile)

3)Interface settings(Which partener displayed in the transactions)

Also you can block a partener determination procedure for the determination,that is the partners stored in the procedure are not automatically found by the system but must be maintained manually.

Manual partner functions can also be stored in the transaction if they are not stored in the partner determination procedure.

Determination time can be set for each partner function ,however partenr determination occurs before the intial save.If a transaction is saved and subsequently altered,no new partner processing will take place.

It is basically a rule that determines how the system works with business partners during the transaction processing.This procedure combines partner functions,access sequences and addl information.

So please check the transaction type and item category.Whether it is blcoked or maintained manually.

I hope this helps!!!