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Condition generation in TPM scenario

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I have been trying to configure the TPM scenario (with BW/SEM, CRM and R/3 but not APO) and hit a problem with condition generation.

I think at this point I have done most of the configuration required in both R/3 and CRM (including initial downloads).

After putting in trade/Spend value in Marketing planner, selecting the Trade spend item and clicking "Generate conditions", I get the error message "There are no Key figure to generate conditions". I also get a warning "You need to maintain Buying dates to generate conditions".

Conditions are therefore not generated in the "Discount" Tab.

Has anybody seem this before? Do I have to maintain dates other than the planned dates in the "Basic data" Tab (like Buying, pre-dip and post-dip)?

Thanks for your help !

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Hi Manoj

concerning the first issue i suggest you to review the customizing step regarding "trade spends for expected value" since you are actually inserting the discount value in a key figure not relevant for the pricing

For the second issue you have to be sure that at least one data range is of type "buying" that is relevant for pricing-->there is a step in customizing, for that purpose,concerning "Additional data rage"

Hope it helps