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CMR Billing Block in Billing Due list (CRM Dealer Returns)

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Hi Experts,

For one particular Payer/Customer, we have a billing block when the create credit memo release for billing.

This is happening only for one dealer the item categories are same or used an existing item category already implemented in the system (Z*).

Only the Payer/customer is new and wants to check or know how it goes to Billing block when the due list is released for billing.

We can find the entry in CRMB DLI table and also in CRMB02.

Checked in BP (CRM) and XD03 (ECC) setting but not able to find it.

If there are any other view tables or transaction codes or SPRO settings to be verified, please share those details and if there are any Badi/Enhancements available that to be verified too, please share those technical details as well.

Thanks in advance for your valuable answers.


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