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CIC0 - get actual org unit of user

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Does anybody knows how to get actual org unit of agent in CIC0, which he has choosen when logging to CIC0?

CIC_GET_ORG_UNIT reads only first of all user's assignments, and I need the one that he has choosen


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Radek, how are you?

Hi normally use that one, and I had no problems. It returns to me the actual org unit of choosen profile, at CIC0.

That function reads internal table CIC_OBJECTS, which was multiple entries. This multiple entries are the hierarchical upper level's of the choosen profile at organization model, like the position, org unit, etc. Since it returns the first 'O' (org unit) entry, it will return to you always the first upper org unit of choosen profile.

Can you re-check?

Kind regards,


Edited by: Bruno Garcia on Jul 26, 2010 2:53 PM

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Thank's , I'm fine

You are right - I just noticed it now. After logging in CIC_OBJECTS stores hierarchy of org unit chosen by user, and not all org units that are displayed in CIC0 login screen what I thought in the beginning.


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