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Changing the composed type in Backoffice Product Cockpit



I am trying to configure the Backoffice Product Cockpit to show a media type instead of Product. The following addition in the widget.xml works:

  <widget-extension widgetId="pcmbackoffice-search-init">
      <setting key="expression">'MyProductMedia'</setting>
  <widget-extension widgetId="pcmbackoffice-collectionBrowser-catalogFilterAdapter">
      <setting key="requiredTypeCode" type="String" value="MyProductMedia"/>

However, when trying to filter by catalog, it shows me the following error message:

  An error occurred: No attribute with qualifier catalogPk found.

I can't seem to fix it, as adding a catalogPk attribute to MyProductMedia seems to suppress the exception but then tells me that this attribute can not be searched for.

Adding a new indexed type with a catalogPk attribute and then performing a full index didn't solve the problem either.

Any help is appreciated.

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maybe it is a stupid question - have you run the System Update?

Cheers, Wojtek

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Hi Wojtek,

not a stupid question at all but yes, I have run System Update.