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Changed values are not getting tracked in new custom context node

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Hi Experts

I created new context node BUILSTDADDRESS (BuilStandardAddress) in Component BP_DATA , in view AccountContactEF

after adding this fields by default this fields came as input disabled fields then I made this fields as input enabled using the method GET_I_E_XXXX method

then I'm navigating to that view in the below way

Accounts->Contacts (Assignment block) Click on edit button (Right behind the delete button) then it will take me to AccountContactEF view , I created the custom view with my new context node fields .

When I'm changing any existing data the new context node fields are not taking the new value , even setter method also having the same old value after changing the value.

Pls help to know how can I set the changed value in my new context node field.

Thanks in advance

Thanks & Regards


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Solved by me