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Change sales status on CRM product master downloaded from R3

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We have a problem with the field sales status on CRM product master, because after blocking on MM06 r3 transaction in a sales organization, later on CRM all the ales documents are created appearing a warning message instead of an error message forbidding the sales document on the sales area blocked for the material. We have seen on COMMPR01 that field sales status is not possible to change and it is on blocked(warning) instead of blocked (error).

We have tried to have fill the field MVKE-VSTMA and on R3 is working fine, but we need to stop the creation sales document in the sales area bloked on material since CRM.

Is there anyway to change the sales status on CRM, or anyway to download from r3 the blocked error message to crm product??

Thanks in advance

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Do you want to download the data MVKE-VMSTA into CRM product master because you want to set certaion product as error, right?

I think note 495764 and 623026 will help you.