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cases object linked

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In case management transaction (SCASE) the CRM consultant has linked a business partner to a case, which is only possible by using "Linked Objects" i.e. a Record Model, so now the Business Partner exists as a linked object in the record model of a case.

I need to create a function for importing business partner number when I export the case key or case ID.

And I need to know linked object table or how can I link between the case and its linked objects.

I have been trying since a long time; please help me to find this link?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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There is a fm to get the BP linked to a case.I dont remember exactly but u can search by: getbpcase in SE37.

Also the table for maintaining the case id and the related attributes is in


The class for extracting the info about a case is cl_scmg_case.



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Thnx for the reply Ashish,

But how can we extract the data from this class : cl_scmg_case, any ideas would be welcomed.

Best Regards,


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