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Can SAP C4C show an alert if any document to be uploaded is missing?

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We are working for a client. That client has a requirement where he wants to upload different documents in the customer 'Attachment' tab. For eg a customer ABC Ltd has 4 documents- PAN Card, TIN , Certificate of Incorporation & Address Proof.

If only 3 documents uploaded out of 4. Can there be a possibility that SAP C4C can show an 'Alert Message' that 1 document is missing?

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Yes you can do it using PDI in Validation-BeforeSave action. To do it you create custom Document type for all 4 doc types like:

Y0 - PAN

Y1 - TIN

Y2 - Certificate of Incorporation

Y3 - Address Proof

And when adding attachment choose the corresponding Doc type for doc to be uploaded.

(Note: To define custom Document type go to Fine Tune Activities and search for "Customer-defined document types for attachments" )

In Validation-BeforeSave access the "Customer->AttachmentFolder-->Document->TypeCode" and check if corresponding document type is there or not. If not then pass the return parameter as FALSE and raise an error message informing about the missing document to be added to customer attachment tab.



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