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campaign create mass activity alternatives

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Dear ladies and gentlemen,

I need to create some mass activities for the responsibles of a lot of leads. The campaign "create mass activity" doesn't work for this issue because I only can assign the tasks to the person which creates the campaign or to one selected employee.

As workaround I try to use the activity planner so when the conditions are met lots of tasks can be assigned for example to leads and so the responsibles of the lead receive the tasks.
As conditions I tried to choose the campaign number: I created a mass activity with the target group, the target group consists of leads. The corresponding accounts of the leads contain the campaign name but the name or the number of the campaign is not inherited to the lead. So I can't use the campaign number as a useful condition for the activity planner.

Exists a possibility that the name of a campaign or the campaign number can be inherited from the account to a lead or do you have any other ideas?

Thank you very much.

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