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C4C to S4 Hana Integration

Dear Experts,

Im currently just learning C4C and I as a beginner has a lot of questions. but let me start with just a few.

1. How do i know if there is an active Integration Between the c4c environment im using with other systems.

2. Where can i see the sales quotes that i have already created for me to then progress into the sales order.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


Dear Emmauel,

Thanks for getting in touch with us.

Firstly, it’s great to hear you have started working with Cloud for Customer.

To answer your questions;

1. How do I know if there is an active Integration Between the c4c environment I’m using with other systems.

A: The Integration information we have can be found in the Administrator Work Centre.

You will see under the General Settings view "Integration".

I would check out the Communication Systems and Communication Arrangements options.

I will also give you a little bit more information on what both do;

-Communication Systems will show you the logical system that communicates with Cloud for Customer tenant.

Communication Systems must be set up to communicate with logical back-end systems.

Technical System Credentials are required to set up your C4C solution with the communication system clients.

-Communication Arrangement (CA) is defined for a specific communication scenario and contains the configuration of all web services required to fulfil the scenario (for example, Business Partner Replication from ERP contains 3 web services)

A CA is defined for a specific communication system.

A CA defines the authentication method (basic or client certificate) and generates the technical user with all the necessary authorizations used for the inbound calls.

A CA defines the endpoint URL to call in C4C outbound and provide further options for example, to perform a ping or download the WSDL.

A Code List Mapping group is assigned to a CA and is used by all communication services in this CA.

When implementing Integration, we would usually follow these steps in order

1. Scope Integration

2. Create Communication System

3. Configure Communication Arrangements

4. Define Code List Mapping

5. Create ID Mapping

6. Maintain Number Ranges

However, if all of this has been done, I would check the tool we use for monitoring all Incoming and Outgoing Messages;

Web Service Message Monitoring, this can also be found just above where the Integration Content is under "System Administration".

This will let you see all incoming and outgoing messages for the CAs which have been enabled on your tenant.

We have Best practices guides and lots of very useful information available on our help portal.

This link will guide you to the documentation we have for SAP Best Practices for SAP S/4HANA integration with SAP Cloud for Customer‎

*There is also the option here for the cloud edition.

We also have some great courses available on OpenSAP , and of course we have the C4C50 training Course provided by SAP.

I hope this has been helpful for you.

2. Where can i see the sales quotes that i have already created for me to then progress into the sales order?

You can see all Sales Quotes and Sales Orders in the Sales Work Centre.

I hope this has been a satisfactory answer.

Have a great day!


Hi Brad,

Thank you for this generous response, such a great help!

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Answers (1)


Glad to be able to help!

Dont forget to mark this question as answered.

Enjoy the weekend and good luck with your C4C implementation.

Kind regards,