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Hi to all,

I've implemented this badi about sales area data of a business partener.

The control I have to do is, for a particular role, check is the sales data strucure is initial. If yes an message error has to occur.

But with an "ERROR" message something goes bad.

Another error "Required field Language has no entry"

(Message no. R1304) occurs and some fields in the actual dympro are deleted.

If I use another message type, as 'I', 'W', all is ok.

do anyone know the problem?



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Answers (2)

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Hi Enzo,

Tiest's reply will probably solve your immediate problem however you should be careful raising your own error (type E) message. This causes some special processing in Dynpro's and can result in strange behaviour. The type E messages stops the PAI processing and only the fields with FIELD CHAIN statements are then available for input. Also, since the BP transaction is made up of many subscreens called dynamically, you cannot predict the behaviour of the system if you raise E messages in the BADI.

Can you not use a warning (type W) message as you say this works? If you need an error message (to force the user to correct the problem) then you may need to look at the PAI/PBO coding behind this screen or to look in customising whether you can make it mandatory.

Regards, Jared

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Hi Enzo, the error you are referring to that occurs, fill out Language field. You have , I think, two options to eliminate this message: (1) Fill out the Language field, located in the Communication Area on the 'Address' tab. (2) mark this field as not being mandatory using the customizing setting. Let me know whether this solved your issue. Kind regards,