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Breakpoint on integration test

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Does anyone know how to run integration test in debug mode??

something like:

ant integrationtests debug.suspend debug.enable -D some extensions=name or something like that??

I want to hit a breakpoint on an integration test for hybris 6 in intellij. How do i do i start integratyion test in debug mode reagrds, Surayya

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Answers (3)

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you can do easily by following steps.

  1. start hybris server in debug mode.

  2. open localhost:9001/test from the browser and list of test classes will be executed and select the test class and appropriate method.

  3. put the debug points to your test and main class and run the main class in debug mode.

  4. execute your test class from localhost:9001/test

Then it will debug and please let us know if your facing any issues.

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Hello Surayya,

You can do that very easily by running your tests from the "Testweb Frontend". For reference please see: The Hybris Testweb Frontend .

What you need to do is:

  1. Start your server in debug mode.

  2. Navigate to the Testweb Frontend.

  3. Attach your IDE to the debug port.

  4. Run the integration test from the Testweb Frontend.

Hope this helps


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Surayya, hi

Do you have an option to start the test from IDE? Then it's very simple to run it in debug.

If not - just add Java arguments described here to your command -