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BDT: Maximum Sections Per Screen

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Hi All,

We have upgraded to CRM 5.0 and we have a problem with screen generation.

When I try to generate the screen the error states:

object BUPA screen BUP040: too many sections

If I remove sections from config. in BUPT the screen shows the remaining sections.

If I add them back one by one I eventually get the error again.

Can anyone tell me what the limit of sections on a screen is and if this has been restricted in CRM 5.0 compared to CRM 4.0?

Many thanks


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi David,

The limit for number of sections on a screen is 10.

This is the same in both CRM 5.0 and CRM 4.0.

Hope this helps.



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Thanks Sudheer.

It appears the problem was that on CRM4 we had 10 sections including 4 custom ones.

In CRM 5 SAP had added two more of their own sections totalling 12, hence the error.

I've removed the two new SAP sections and it now works.



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